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High oleic soybeans are varieties developed with farmers and their customers in mind. For farmers, high oleic soybeans are the varieties that earn a premium without the usual premium hassles. For their customers, high oleic soybeans produce a heart-healthy oil for food customers and a highly functional oil for industrial manufacturers. Added together, they give farmers an untapped market potential beyond commodity soybeans.

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National Impact

U.S. soybean farmers have lost food-oil demand annually since the onset of mandatory trans-fat labeling. High oleic soybeans offer U.S. farmers an opportunity to gain 9 billion pounds of that demand for soybean oil from food, industrial and export customers. Because there is a market for both commodity soybeans and high oleic soybeans, all farmers will benefit from an increase in demand.

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Farmer Benefits

Agronomic and Disease Packages

High oleic soybeans are bred with the same agronomic trait and disease packages that farmers expect in their other soybean varieties.

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Transportation & Storage Costs

Comparable Yield

Farmers growing high oleic report that they yield on par with or better than their farm’s average – adding profitability to their bottom line.

Competitive Yields

A Perfect Partner for Double Crop Opportunities

Market Opportunity

Processors are offering farmers a premium to grow high oleic soybeans because the oil has a higher value for their customers.

Market Outlook

Marketing & Logistics

Meeting Market Demand

On-Farm Profit Potential

High Oleic Demand

Restaurants, supermarket brands, health-conscious consumers, industrial users – everyone is looking for high oleic soybean oil. And elevators and processors are looking for all the high oleic soybeans you can grow. Check out the demand with our latest episode of Dishing on High Oleic Soybeans. Then look for a local elevator or processor to start growing a healthier bottom line for your farm.

Having the High Oleic Conversation with Your Seed Supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

High oleic varieties are currently available from Pioneer (Plenish) and Bayer (Vistive Gold). Contact your local supplier to see if they are available in your area.

High oleic soybeans are bred with proven genetics and agronomic packages so they will perform in your fields. Farmers report that these new varieties yield on par with their farm’s other varieties.

Processors determine premiums based on what end-use customers are willing to pay for high oleic soy oil. Oil customers have several viable alternatives to soybean oil, so the premium needs to be competitive in the marketplace.

Processors are working to bring attractive marketing options to farmers and to make contracting acres as appealing as possible. All contracts are determined at the local level. Contact your processor to see what options are available in your area.

Even if you don’t find your closest elevator in our records, the premium could help cover your delivery costs to another nearby elevator or processor that does accept them. Contact a participating location near you for more details.

The soybean industry continues to breed high oleic soybeans into more maturity groups for different geographies. Keep coming back to see the progression and anticipated growth in availability of high oleic soybeans throughout the growing region.

High oleic soybeans produce oil that has increased functionality for many key markets. That means high oleic could add demand and create new markets for U.S. soybean oil. And greater demand for high oleic soybeans and their oil means higher prices for all soybean farmers.

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