Premium Price Without Premium Work

There’s an adage in sales that the key to success is giving customers what they want. As a soybean farmer, Herb Miller takes this to heart. It’s one reason he planted some of the soybean acres on his Niles, Michigan, farm to high oleic varieties this year.

“We need to grow what our customer asks us for – it’s what sets us apart,” Miller says. “Growing specialty beans that provide for our customers’ needs is one more advantage that sets us apart from our competitors.”

Miller appreciates that high oleic soybeans allow him to grow a premium soybean – without having to adjust his basic practices or his approach to weed management. High oleic soybeans come stacked with glyphosate-tolerant traits to allow you to manage your weeds.

“I can use a GMO product and still receive a premium,” he says. “They entail the exact same process as our other beans, which makes for an easy transition to high oleic. The only difference occurs in where they’re delivered at harvest, and I am fortunate to have processors and elevators nearby.”

The oil from high oleic soybeans is creating demand from food companies because it provides the functionality they need without any trans fats. Premiums from growing these premium varieties are currently available in 11 states.

It was Miller’s processor that first suggested he try high oleic soybeans as another option to receive a premium for a soybean for which he doesn’t need to vastly change his production practices.

“I’m looking forward to a great yield,” he says. “But, even more importantly, high oleic soybeans provide another market for our beans, give us more options and a new demand with our supply – plus a premium.”

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