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About the Checkoff

Simply put, your soy checkoff investment works for you — boosting yields through innovation and production research, creating new revenue streams, expanding existing markets or adding new ones to increase demand and drive sales. It’s the farmer-led vision and strategic thinking required to evolve U.S. soy into the ultimate raw material on the world stage.
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Strategic Plan

Creating profit opportunities requires a plan of action. It’s looking forward and thinking big. It’s being aware and identifying every possibility to put your soybean crops to use and nurturing new and emerging international markets. It’s ideas, research, strategy and drive all put into action to help you prosper. It’s knowing your success is paramount and that the most important thing the checkoff can do is help you thrive.
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Led By Farmers For Farmers

Creating profit opportunities is a state-by-state, innovation-by-innovation, around-the-clock mission. It requires a specialized team of farmer-directors and strategic staff who have an eye on the future, looking for the next production or demand opportunity that can make a difference to your bottom line.
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Reports & Documentation

Responsibility, recording and accountability are alive and well at the soy checkoff. Communications and transparency ensure your checkoff dollars are invested efficiently and effectively. Want to see our annual report? Interested in our latest five-year ROI study? Looking for our bylaws, compliance guidelines or forms? Reports & Documentation is the place to start.
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