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Online Expense Reporting with Nexonia

USB Board Members and USB Staff

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In an effort to make the USB expense reporting process faster, easier and more efficient, we are now using Nexonia to facilitate expense reports. Please note, only USB Board members and USB staff have Nexonia access.

Nexonia provides a cost-effective, simple platform that is easy to use and will help expedite expense reporting. To get started with Nexonia expense reporting, we’ve provided a series of links below with information to help you learn how to log on to the platform and enter your expenses. Note there are separate guides for those who prefer to enter their expenses through a mobile app and another for those who intend to use the Nexonia website.

Please bookmark this webpage so you can come back and reference any of these instructional guides at any time. When you’re ready to begin using Nexonia, please click here.

Not a USB Board Member or Staff? Submit your expenses with USB expense report forms.

Expense report forms