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Survey gives farmers chance to aid soy sales efforts This fall, U.S. soybean farmers have the opportunity to help increase demand for U.S. soy by sharing just a small sandwich-bag-sized clump of your soybeans. Researchers are now accepting U.S. soybean samples, which they’ll analyze for protein, oil and other quality components. The results provide the

This Week’s Biggest Stories 9/12

High Oleic Soybean Oil Opens Up New Opportunities for Industrial Uses Besides the amazing opportunities that high oleic soybean oil brings to the food industry, it also offers a lot of industrial opportunities. High oleic soybean oil has the potential to match, or even exceed, the performance of petroleum in various industrial uses. This could

Palmer Amaranth Can Grow Out of Control Quickly

Important for farmers to take advantage of short management windows Any mention of “Palmer amaranth” is likely to bring a shudder from farmers who have been forced to deal with it. Common in the southern United States for several years, this devastating weed keeps creeping further and further north, making those negative reactions more and

Field Day Breaks the Bad News on the Future of Weed Management

Weed scientists offer 10 commandments for battling Palmer amaranth Standing against a backdrop of 7-foot-tall herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth plants so thick that the soybeans planted in that field earlier this year are almost unrecognizable, it’s not hard for Larry Steckel to get his point across. “It’s getting scary; we’re running out of herbicides,” says Steckel,