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The Quest for Customer Innovation

High Oleic Soybeans: Delivering Now and into the Future It’s not often that farmers radically change the way they produce a crop. But when it happens, it can make a major, positive impact on their profitability. Take the pork industry, for example. In the early 1990s, consumer preferences and Smithfield’s push for more lean meat

What Is Your Yield Monitor Really Telling You?

Harvest has begun, which means farmers are spending more time in their combines and have their eye on their yield monitors. Every year, farmers will undoubtedly find parts of fields that yield less than others, and some might wonder what they can do to fix it. The soy checkoff funds research to increase and protect

Why You Should Consider Cover Crops for Your Farm

It’s not a bad idea to start thinking about what you’ll plant once you’re finished harvesting. If those plans include cover crops, you might start seeing the benefits as early as next spring. Cover Crops Could Be Right For You At least that’s what Ohio State University assistant professor and extension educator James Hoorman would like tell