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Strengthen Your Family Farm Through Performance Evaluations

By Jolene Brown Performance evaluation! Those two words often send everyone in family-farm businesses right to the shop, barn or kitchen where they can stay busy and not have to deal with people. Yet evaluation, when done well, is one of the most rewarding jobs of a leader and the most beneficial for managers, employees

Three Aphid-Management Practices to Consider on Your Farm

The soybean aphid is an invasive pest that affects many states across the Midwest. Infestation risk can be increased by cooler mid-to-late-summer temperatures, and soybean stress from late planting, disease or drought. But farmers can manage aphids with certain practices. Learn more about these three management practices by clicking on the links below to watch

Biodiesel Benefits Animal Ag in Multiple Ways

Biodiesel production has significantly benefitted the soybean industry as a whole – but one of biodiesel’s most significant contributions is not often highlighted. Animal ag farmers benefit from biodiesel, too. That’s because soybean meal prices fall as more biodiesel is produced, requiring poultry and livestock farmers to pay less for their feed. This often overlooked