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Warning: This Label Could Affect Your Bottom Line New research from the soy checkoff suggests that mandatory GMO labeling would increase U.S. soybean farmers’ production costs by $10 to $34 per acre to raise non-biotech soybeans compared with biotech varieties, depending on the nature of the regulations introduced. Checkoff Aids Soy-Based-Product Sales to the Federal

High Oleic Ignites High-Heat Industrial Opportunities

High oleic soybeans are stirring excitement in the motor oil industry, a field previously untouched by the soybean market. The soy checkoff recently funded a study that led to certification by the American Petroleum Institute (API) of a high oleic biosynthetic oil, manufactured by Biosynthetic Technologies. API certification is required for all motor oils, and

Cultivating a New Market for Soy-Based Adhesives

According to students majoring in sustainability at George Washington University, there are a lot of biobased products out there, but they don’t always know where to find them. Recently Todd Vogelsinger, director of marketing at Columbia Forest Products, set out to educate this new group of consumers on how the company’s soy-based, formaldehyde-free plywood can