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Cultivating a New Market for Soy-Based Adhesives

According to students majoring in sustainability at George Washington University, there are a lot of biobased products out there, but they don’t always know where to find them. Recently Todd Vogelsinger, director of marketing at Columbia Forest Products, set out to educate this new group of consumers on how the company’s soy-based, formaldehyde-free plywood can

Red, White, Blue and Green: Selling Biobased Products to the Federal Government

It’s the No. 1 consumer of goods and services in the United States, with annual purchases of $400 billion. And, thanks to the BioPreferred program in the 2002 Farm Bill, federal government agencies have been mandated to purchase biobased products whenever they are available, meet performance standards and are reasonably priced. However, even with these

Warning: This Label Could Affect Your Bottom Line

Research Shows How Much GMO Labeling Could Affect Soybean Farmers Mandatory labeling for food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a hot topic that pushes farmers’ — and consumers’ — buttons. With the federal government and several states considering, and in some cases passing, legislation requiring mandatory GMO labeling, the national soy checkoff commissioned