Cooking Up Outreach: Behind the Scenes with USB at the KCBS Master Series Tour

Two chefs compete at the Kansas City Barbecue competition.

U.S. Soy is partnering with the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) on 10 events during this year’s KCBS Master Series Tour. Barbeque is an important part of American culinary heritage, and it wouldn’t be possible without the farmers who grow the food that feeds the meat we eat. Through a series of 10 KCBS events, we’ll put a spotlight on soyfed protein while introducing soybean growers to meat producers, cooks and enthusiasts. 

How is U.S. Soy involved?

The nationwide tour provides a platform to build positive influence, reputation and demand for U.S. Soy. At every event, U.S. Soy growers will engage with domestic and international barbeque and culinary influencers. This aims to bridge the farm-to-table (or should we say, farm to flame!) gap and enhance awareness of the role that high-quality soy plays in barbeque. After all, 97% of all U.S. soybean meal is used in animal feed to provide vital nutrition for chicken, pigs and turkey. 

Introducing the U.S. Soy Combine Award

During KCBS’s Master Series Tour, U.S. Soy will award top-performing cooks in a combination of ribs, pork, and chicken categories, and at certain locations turkey, with the new best-in-show award, the U.S. Soy Combine Award. The event series will add thousands of dollars in prize money, trophies and best of all, bragging rights for pitmasters and contest organizers at KCBS-sanctioned events over the 2023 season. 

Consumer and influencer engagement

The tour provides U.S. Soy with introductions to key influencers, while creating positive public relations opportunities and engaging content for U.S. Soy’s owned channels to tell the story of the benefits of soy-fed protein. 

Four people smile for a picture at the Kansas City Barbecue competition.

During each event, U.S. Soy growers will connect with domestic and international barbeque and culinary influencers to close the farm-to-table (farm to flame!) gap and increase understanding of the role that high-quality soy plays as an exciting, complete, versatile and tasty ingredient, including in the sustainable production of quality barbeque meat that consumers enjoy. 

Soy on tour

The first stop was in mid-July at the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship. Farmer-leader Patrick Giberson of New Jersey presented the U.S. Soy Combine award on behalf of the U.S. Soy, joined by United Soybean Board’s Meghan Fullington. U.S. Soy’s presence was reflected in conversations with key meat influencers, signage throughout the event and U.S. Soy-branded gift bags to competition teams. 

Next up: KCBS World Invitational Barbeque Invitational, Aug. 12-13, where farmer-leaders Sara Stelter of Wisconsin and Brent Rendel of Oklahoma, will serve as certified barbeque judges and represent U.S. Soy! 

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