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    2. Follow the Submission Guidelines.
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The United Soybean Board’s (USB) volunteer farmer-leaders, appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture, work on behalf of 515,000 U.S. soybean farmers to steward our 100% farmer-funded soy checkoff investments. Each year, these leaders approve new research and promotion investments that create value for U.S. soy farmers in support of USB’s vision to partner to deliver sustainable soy solutions to every life, every day.

USB launched a new Strategic Plan on October 1, 2021 that focuses on value to U.S. soy farmers through reputation, differentiation and resilience. For FY24, USB seeks Letters of Interest for new ideas for FY24 research and promotion investment based upon the organization’s Strategic Plan.


Submission Deadline for USB FY24 Letters of Interest: THE SUBMISSION WINDOW IS NOW CLOSED.

The United Soybean Board (USB) seeks ideas for fiscal year 2024 research and promotion investments that align with the Strategic Plan. In addition, USB developed specific strategic priorities for FY24 for the three priority areas in the plan. USB encourages Letters of Interest that address the Strategic Plan priorities (see Innovation & Technology, Infrastructure & Connectivity and Health & Nutrition priorities) below from both a supply and demand perspective. USB will review each letter of submission and evaluate it based on alignment with our goals and likelihood of benefiting the soy industry. Based on this evaluation, we will invite selected submissions to further develop the idea and submit a full proposal.

Innovation & Technology

New Uses
– Biodegradable plastics, innovative ideas

– Use on farms, SAF, biodiesel market, etc.

– Measures
– Biologicals
– Fertilizers
– Cropping systems
– Link farmers to end users

Breeding & Technology
– Oil yields and traits (i.e. weed control)

High Oleic Expansion
– Varieties and traits (production)

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Research on alternative energy and effects on farming

Rail connectivity and efficiency

Locks / dams & rivers

Overseas market potential analysis (transportation challenges and opportunities)

Tactical execution of connectivity in soy states (broadband)

Health & Nutrition

Increase meal demand
– Domestic
– International
– Value added and diversified uses

Partnerships in animal, plant, soil and human health

Research & Development in animal, plant, soil and human health
– Biologicals
– Soil health

USB also encourages Letters of Interest for COMMUNICATION & EDUCATION programs that support Soy Reputation, Checkoff Reputation and Research to inform our engagement. Designed in alignment with USB’s reputation management strategies, these programs should super-charge checkoff investments across the above three priority areas by making sure the right information is informed to the right audience at the right time in the right way using new and existing USB and U.S. Soy channels.

We encourage and support creative, innovative solutions to existing identified challenges and emerging or previously unidentified opportunities for value creation. We encourage submission of well-justified and data-informed, measurable, and strategically aligned ideas. 

Please note: This request is for NEW ideas as Letters of Interest at this time. USB will distribute continuation proposal requests for currently funded investments in January 2023.



Letters of Interest will be reviewed by farmers. Farmers prefer submissions that they understand, they trust, and that include influential partners. For submissions to be considered they should: 

  • Use clear and concise writing readily understood by our farmer-directors.
  • Avoid acronyms.
  • State explicitly how your proposal would align with the USB Strategic Plan.
  • Identify capabilities and expertise of the submitter.
  • Identify collaborative funding and execution opportunities with influential partners.
  • Write in active voice and plain language.
  • Explain complex technical terms and jargon at first use.
  • Usually use the expected word order – subject, verb, additional information.
  • Eliminate “to be” verbs (is, was, has been, were, have been) in favor of more descriptive verbs where possible.
  • Not include any proprietary information.

Please refer to the USB Subcontractor Information Sheet below for responses to frequently asked questions.