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Year Organization Established a Carbon Program 2020
Affiliated Organization Type Public-private partnership
Affiliated Organizations
Buyers secured The website mentions the environmental outcomes are being purchased by a combination of public and private customers. Specific customer information will be shared with farmers once the final outcomes payment has been made.
Payment Basis to Farmers $/Acre for practice implementation
Payment Amount and Details Up to $40/acre. 50% of the annual payment is paid upfront, and the remaining 50% upon verification (payment methodology and timing is different)
Agricultural System Focus Cropland
Eligible States IA, IL, OH, WV, VA, PA, NY
Eligible Practices No till, Cover crops, Crop Diversity, Perennial Crop Cover, Fertilizer Management (not exhaustive)
Contract Length 1 year
Contract Details The contract is currently a one-year annual contract. You can re-enroll acres if you are willing to continue and/or include more practices.
Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Environmental outcomes are verified using a combination of environmental modeling, in-field monitoring, and remote sensing. A program rep visits every field to ensure contract compliance. Soil sampling is performed on 10% of fields every 5 years. Remote sensing is done during one peak period per year
Digital Tools for MRV Farmer web portal available through theoutcomesfund.com. On the portal, you can create an account, map  field boundaries, and enter baseline and future cropping system information
Qualification/eligibility criteria To qualify for enrollment, your field must be in an eligible county, you must be willing to adopt at least one new conservation practice, your field must be HEL and Wetlands compliant, and you must enter past and proposed practice information and field boundaries on the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund enrollment website.
Minimum Acreage None
Must land be owned? No, but the applicant needs to have decision making power over farming practices
Minimum Data Requirements The Soil & Water Outcome Fund uses COMET-Farm to calculate the carbon benefits. They credit no till, cover crops, land retirement, conversion to pasture, and extended rotations. (not exhaustive)Based on this information, the minimum data required will be similar to Nori, which also uses COMET-Farm. Minimum data for COMET-Farm includes: * management practices for the full prior crop rotation, including cropping sequence and approximate planting and harvest date; * type of grazing system (for pasture or range areas); * type of tillage system; * rate, timing, type and application method for fertilizer and manure applications; * irrigation method and application rate, and residue management.
Years of management practice data needed Minimum of one-year full crop rotation for baseline and one-year for projected
Does the program pay for past practices? No, would still need to add at least 1 additional practice
Additional information
Payment Calculator The proposed payment is emailed within 1-2 weeks after data submission.

Cells are left blank where information is not publicly available.

For additional details, visit the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund’s website