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Year Organization Established a Carbon Program 2021
Affiliated Organization Type Banking and Financial Services
Affiliated Organizations Rabobank
Buyers secured
Payment Basis to Farmers $/ton of carbon generated
Payment Amount and Details The program expects to sell between $25-$50. It is not clear how much farmers will be paid.
Agricultural System Focus Cropland, Livestock grazing, Agroforestry
Eligible States Pilots in NC, IA, AR
Eligible Practices
  • Reduced/no tillage
  • Reduced inputs
  • Planting of cover crops
  • Crop rotations
  • Optimized grazing patterns
  • Species composition
  • Agroforestry
Contract Length 3 years
Contract Details
Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Farmers upload data into Rabo Carbon Bank's farmer portal, create future regenerative plan and agree to have on-site soil sampling done.
Digital Tools for MRV
Qualification/eligibility criteria
Minimum Acreage 1,000 acres
Must land be owned?
Minimum Data Requirements
Years of management practice data needed
Does the program pay for past practices?
Additional information
Payment Calculator

Cells are left blank where information is not publicly available.

The program is in pilot phase. For additional details, visit the Rabo Carbon Bank’s website