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Year Organization Established a Carbon Program 2021
Affiliated Organization Type Crop Inputs Company
Affiliated Organizations Locus Agricultural Solutions
Buyers secured
Payment Basis to Farmers $/Acre for practice implementation
Payment Amount and Details $48/acre over 4 years. Producers receive 75% of their annual payment upfront at the start of the season.
Agricultural System Focus Cropland, Livestock The program focuses on row crops, specialty crops, dairy and beef
Eligible States U.S.
Eligible Practices No till, Composting/Manure, No post-harvest root removal, fertilizer reduction, livestock grazing, plant diversity, cover crops and Locus AG Rhizolizer® or Pantego®  soil probiotics
Contract Length 4 years
Contract Details There is an option to increase compensation by extending to 10 years or more.
Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) CarbonNOW experts manage the process for the farmer, including data collection, soil sampling, third-party verification at no cost to the farmer.
Digital Tools for MRV Farmers can link their Farm Management Software to help CarbonNOW experts collect data. There is no information on which FMS systems are compatible with CarbonNOW.
Qualification/eligibility criteria
Minimum Acreage
Must land be owned? No- but you must have access to the land for the full four-year program cycle to participate
Minimum Data Requirements
Years of management practice data needed
Does the program pay for past practices? Yes
Additional information
To find out if you qualify for CarbonNOW’s program, complete this form
Payment Calculator

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For additional details, visit the CarbonNOW’s website