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Year Organization Established a Carbon Program 2021
Affiliated Organization Type Crop Nutrition
Affiliated Organizations Yara
Buyers secured
Payment Basis to Farmers $/ton of carbon generated
Payment Amount and Details The program has two different payment options for growers to be able to utilize on their contract with The Agoro Carbon Alliance. Growers are encouraged to reach out to an Agoro Carbon Cropping Specialist to find which program is the best fit. A "typical" Producer payment consists of forward, flat-priced payments in years one through four for an implemented practice, followed by two "true-up" payments in years five and ten, based on soil sampling results and data verification. Upfront payments help compensate for practice implementation risks, while true-up payments reflect how well the soils have done sequestering carbon. In this scenario the price floor for carbon is $16.50/ton.
Agricultural System Focus Cropland and Livestock
Eligible States U.S. states
Eligible Practices Tillage practices (reduced till or no-till), nitrogen rate reduction, cover crop implementation, grazing management, biodiversity addition to rangeland, and nitrogen efficiency by adding N-containing fertilizers to help optimize carbon storage on pasture/rangeland.
Contract Length 10 years
Contract Details A "typical" grower payment consists of forward, flat-priced payments in years one through four.
Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Agoro works with independent partners to verify practices. Its carbon cropping specialists meet with producers to help them through the process. Soil sampling, which is required every three to four years, is performed by a program rep.
Digital Tools for MRV The program emphasizes the ease of data collection for producers. It has an online portal where producers enter data, and it uses carbon cropping specialists to assist producers in collecting data.
Qualification/eligibility criteria The producer must be in crop production for at least three years. Must have not already implemented the practices.
Minimum Acreage 500 acres
Must land be owned? No - Producer must inform landowner and attest to Agoro that land rights will remain in place for the entire duration of the program.
Minimum Data Requirements Historical data for three years prior to practice implementation is required. Carbon cropping specialists are available to assist in collection of this data. If implementing new practices, there is no need to provide data, or if you are unaware what a previous operator of the ground did before you took over the piece of land you do not need to provide data.
Years of management practice data needed 3 years
Does the program pay for past practices? No, but they have a 1-year lookback to be able to qualify for the program. For example, if you did cover crops in winter of 2021 you would qualify for the program in 2022.
Additional information The program’s FAQ document can be viewed here.
Payment Calculator Agoro Carbon Alliance has an online simulation calculator that allows farmers to project average annual benefits based on their location, acreage and practices they are willing to implement. It is advised to contact a cropping specialist to get a personalized quote.

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Program information was validated by a program representative in April 2022.

For additional details, visit the Agoro Carbon Alliance’s website.