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Agri-Pulse: “US soy: Soaring renewable diesel not food-versus-fuel issue”

United Soybean Board Vice President of Market Intelligence Mac Marshall interviewed with Agri-Pulse to explain how soy can serve as a solution for both food security and sustainable energy.

“‘It’s not food versus fuel. It’s food and fuel,’ said Marshall. ‘The key, says Marshall, is the 80-20 split. Only about 20% of the soybean crush produces oil, while about 80% produces meal. Now that oil demand is driving the crush, it’s producing an excess of meal and driving down prices for the livestock industry. As we are contributing to a global solution in the renewable (energy) space, we’re also effectively contributing toward mitigating escalating food costs by virtue of cheaper inputs to animal feed,’ Marshall tells Agri-Pulse. ‘Two major challenges for the world right now are food access and energy transition. Soy is well-positioned to play a critical role in … both of those challenges.’”

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