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Forbes: The U.S. Soybean Industry Is Being Transformed by Digital

A farmer uses the monitors inside of his tractor cab.

U.S. soybean farmers are embracing digital transformation. Polly Ruhland, CEO of the United Soybean Board, and Meagan Kaiser, USB Vice Chair, talk to Forbes about the changing landscape for technology in the soybean industry.

Ruhland says tools such as moisture sensors, smart irrigation, autonomous and GPS-enabled tractors, drones and satellite imagery help produce more soy from the same amount of land.

“Farmers who I work with every day tell me how the use of precision agriculture allows them to improve the efficiency, quality and consistency of their crops,” says Ruhland.

Kaiser says that as a fifth-generation family farmer, adopting digital technologies was never a question for them.

“We’re thinking about future generations with every decision we make. You can’t attract smart young people to come back and farm if you don’t have the connectivity we’ve all gotten used to,” says Kaiser.

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