Sustainability Is Good for Business

Soybean meal customer makes sustainability a business priority

Leigh Ann Johnston,director of sustainability
at Tyson Foods.
Leigh Ann Johnston,
director of sustainability
at Tyson Foods.

What do your meal customers think about sustainability, and how does it impact you? Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest producers of meat and poultry, is an important player in the soybean meal value chain, and that company’s commitment to sustainability has ramifications that could extend to soybean farmers. Leigh Ann Johnston, director of sustainability at Tyson Foods, takes a minute to talk about why sustainability is important to Tyson’s business and yours.

Q. How does Tyson view sustainability?

A. Sustainability is about continuous improvement. We’re constantly seeking ways to create long-term social, environmental and economic value for our business and our stakeholders. Sustainable practices are good business practices.

Q. How does your role support sustainable initiatives?

A. My team and I are responsible for developing and implementing Tyson’s sustainability strategy and related efforts. We work with all business units within the company to develop programs and metrics, to advise on sustainability trends and stakeholder expectations and to build partnerships to ensure fulfillment of the company’s sustainability strategy.

Q. How do Tyson’s sustainability efforts impact farmers?

A. We depend on independent farm families, including soybean farmers, to supply our operations. We believe our suppliers recognize the importance of sustainable practices and the value these practices bring to society, the environment and, ultimately, their bottom lines. Tyson is a partner with farmers in these efforts.

Q. Is soy a sustainable feed choice?

A. Most of our poultry feed contains corn, soybean meal and an animal protein, all of which contain important nutrients to help chickens grow. We view all of these as sustainable choices because they’re renewable resources. Oftentimes, poultry littler is used to fertilize row crops, which completes a sustainable circle.

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