Soy-Based Motor Oil Available to Farmers and Consumers Across the U.S.

An oil swipe from the truck dipstick on the shop rag is now a statement of soybean value.

U.S. soybean farmers have a new choice in motor oil. P.S. Manufacturing offers a high-performance, soy-based oil that meets both vehicle needs and sustainability goals. The family-owned and -operated manufacturing and marketing company is proudly stocking Biosynthetic Technologies’ motor oil — made using high oleic oil from U.S.-grown soybeans.

Better for the engine and the environment, this motor oil keeps engines cleaner by reducing sludge and varnish and, according to the manufacturer, increases fuel economy by 3%. Purchasing Biosynthetic Technologies’ high oleic motor oil supports not only vehicle maintenance but also farmers across the country.

Todd Hambleton, president and owner of P.S. Manufacturing, a distributor of U.S.-made products, said his interest in the soy-based motor oil was sparked by his own connection with U.S. agriculture.

“I’m a farm kid from Iowa, and I like to see value-added products that come from the farm and do a good job for the producer and consumer,” Hambleton said.

This motor oil is available to farm, home, auto, convenience and hardware stores nationwide for purchase, and farmers can have a key role in widening the market. P.S. Manufacturing would love to have farmers’ help in raising demand for the oil at the local level. Hambleton encourages farmers to ask for the oil at their local stores, such as Ace Hardware, Blain’s Farm and Fleet, and Orscheln Farm and Home, and points interested buyers to to purchase the oil for their shelves.

“We’re asking customers to go into the store and ask for the oil,” he said. “This will give those stores an incentive to buy the motor oil.”

And Hambleton confirmed this soy-based oil does not sacrifice performance — it does its job.

“I have the engine oil in my truck now, and it works great,” Hambleton said.

Biosynthetic Technologies’ motor oil supports both high oleic soybeans and the soybean market. Producing soy-based products gives U.S. soy new markets to explore and increases overall soybean demand.

Belinda Burrier, USB director and Oil Target Area coordinator, said oil projects like this continue to show the impressive qualities U.S. soy brings to the table, and builds a stronger demand in the marketplace.

“U.S. soybean farmers can now directly impact the soybean market by purchasing the motor oil they played a part in making,” Burrier said.

Learn more by visiting P.S. Manufacturing or Amazon. Farmers interested in the motor oil can receive 20% off a six-pack with the coupon code SSCC20 by visiting the Biosynthetic Technologies website here.

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