Lance Rezac: Cultivating a Passion for Soybeans and Community

As a United Soybean Board farmer-leader, Kansas farmer-leader Lance Rezac has shown unwavering commitment to the industry and his local community. Rezac has a deep-rooted passion for soybeans and wants to connect with farmers across the country and internationally to share U.S. Soy’s story.

Raised on his family farm, Rezac began his journey as a soybean farmer at a young age. Today, he manages his family farm in Onaga, Kansas, where he integrates sustainable practices that protect the land for future generations. The Rezac farm includes soybeans, corn, wheat, alfalfa, hay, a farrow-to-finish swine operation and cattle.

“I grew up on the farm, and I’m the fifth generation to farm this land. Farming gives you the opportunity to pursue your interests. If you are interested in livestock, you can head more in that direction. If you are interested in mechanical things like I am, you can do that. I like to focus on the technological improvements that we can make on the farm. You never get bored,” said Rezac.

As a farmer-leader for the soy checkoff, Rezac plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the soybean industry. His involvement in research and development initiatives, market expansion strategies and promotion of soy-based products demonstrates his commitment to advancing the industry. Rezac’s leadership and expertise have proven instrumental in enhancing the profitability and sustainability of soybean farming, empowering farmers nationwide.

Rezac is also active in promoting U.S. Soy around the world through service on the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) where he serves as vice chair. In this role, Rezac spends time working on the behalf of soybean growers to differentiate, elevate preference and attain global market access for U.S. Soy. Rezac enjoys the opportunity to meet with foreign soybean buyers, promoting how agriculture is a relationship-driven industry.

“It has been a very educational experience meeting with soybean buyers from other countries. The work being done to ensure market access and promote U.S. Soy by USSEC is tremendous. Many times, these deals are based on trusted relationships, and USSEC does a lot to build those relationships. Playing a small role in USSEC has been very rewarding to me personally, and I hope it has made a difference to the 515,000 U.S. soybean farmers,” said Rezac.

Lance Rezac works hard to represent soybean farmers’ interest as a USB farmer-leader and as the vice chair of USSEC. He exemplifies the passion and dedication that energizes soybean farmers across the country.

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