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KMEG-TV: Proud to be a Hometown Farmer

Tom Oswald smiles, standing in front of an open corn field.

Featured in KMEG-TV’s “Proud to be a Hometown Farmer,” Tom Oswald, checkoff farmer-leader and corn and soybean farmer, spoke about his time on the United Soybean Board and his no-till farm practices that contribute to soil health and limit run-off. Tom has farmed land near Cleghorn, Iowa, for decades.

As for engaging with nonfarmer groups like international buyers, Tom has some encouraging words about those opportunities.

‘”The rewards are not financial, the rewards are hard to describe, because it’s that intangible… working with other farmers, locally, nationally, it’s that bigger picture,” says Oswald. “Working with city people who do not know a thing about agriculture and making a connection — you can’t be paid for that. It’s wonderful.”’

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