Growing Opportunity Together

Growing Opportunity Together: For the past six years, more and more farmers have been taking advantage of the opportunity that comes with planting high oleic soybeans. And behind the scenes, the value chain is committed to growing industry-wide profitability thorough partnership. Here's how: Ask your seed rep about the high oleic varieties available in your area or visit to learn more. Seed Companies: DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto remain committed to providing and expanding maturity groups to make high oleic soybeans available to more farmers. Farmers: For their competitive yields, processor-paid premiums, and potential to expand existing markets, farmers continue to plant as many acres as they can deliver. Processors: Processors recognize the demand potential that comes with high oleic soybean oil, and are working with food industry customers to move more oil more efficiently. End Users: High oleic soybean oil appeals to many food industry customers because of its increased functionality, like its ability to withstand high heat and its shelf stability.

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