Friend of Fryers Everywhere

High oleic’s benefits make it a perfect match with fried favorites

High oleic soybean oil is making friends with the chefs who prepare fried foods, and its nutritional profile could earn even more popularity among the people eating them.

High oleic soybean oil offers the same sizzling crunch and clean flavor as commodity soybean oil and other popular frying oils. It also features longer stability and fry life. And its favorable compositional profile means it won’t contribute trans fats.

“It’s important that the ingredients used to produce finished foods have a long shelf life,” says Frank Flider, a consultant on the oilseed industry for the soy checkoff. “With high oleic soybean oil, there is no need for additives to maintain stability, which is great because consumers want clean labels. The fewer the ingredients the better.”

With support from the checkoff, the oil has been rigorously tested. Results of that testing prove it can extend the life of the oil and the shelf life of the products made with it. It also features a favorable flavor profile and leaves food tasting less greasy.

“Its best use is in deep frying; high oleic soybean oil is ideal for any restaurant chain with a deep fryer,” says registered dietician Joy Blakeslee, who conducts high oleic outreach among oil end users on behalf of the checkoff. “They’re finding that the oil performs from the time they put it in the fryer until they take it out. Food is consistently golden brown and the eating experience has been very good.”

Some soybean processors and food-service trailblazers have already begun using the oil. But greater food-industry adoption depends on more farmers growing high oleic varieties, which will lead to greater availability of the oil.

“High oleic soybean oil has the whole package and is going to be the high-stability oil of the future,” Flider says. “As volume and availability grows, use of the oil by fast-food restaurants and processed-food manufacturers will continue to increase with it.”

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