Fencepost: With the Challenging Year Many Areas Had, What Changes are You Making on Your Farm?

With the challenging year many areas had, what changes are you making on your farm this year?

Steve May, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

Where I live in Tennessee, we actually had a pretty good year. But, we’re probably going to do a little more bargaining on fertilizer and check around to get the best price on chemicals and fertilizer. We also plan to do more forward-selling of grains to try to get the best price.

Jennifer Poltermann, Genoa City, Wisconsin

My biggest concern is the compaction that we did during the wet fall harvest. This upcoming season, we are upgrading our guidance systems to reduce the overlap with tillage. We have also invested in a wider nitrogen applicator. Along with this, we are mapping several fields to improve the tile drainage systems.

David Williams, Elsie, Michigan

We are going to try to manage things more closely to account for the possibility of extreme weather. Even though we are primarily no-till, surface drainage is necessary. We plan to do light tillage with a vertical tillage tool to dry out the ground so we can plant in a timely manner. We did some of that in 2019, and that helped us a lot.

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