Build a Greener, Cleaner Community with Soy

It’s well known that soy can be found in many products. But did you know that you could use soy-based products in your community? Read on to learn how your community could use environmentally friendly products using home-grown crops to be greener and support U.S. soy.

Paint: Many paint manufacturers are looking to remove hazardous chemicals. To achieve this, they are turning to soy oil to replace many of the petroleum products that can be found in conventional paint. Park benches, sheds, bleachers and many other places around town could always use a fresh coat of paint, so why not make it soy-based paint?

Lubricants: When it’s time for a tune up, soy-based lubricants can provide economical lubrication for wheels, two-cycle engines, hydraulics and chains. Plus, they’re more environmentally friendly.

Biodiesel: Soy biodiesel can be used in most diesel engines without any engine modification. This American-made biofuel provides comparable power and burns cleaner.

Soy oil-based solvents can be found in many cleaners, paint strippers,  and degreasers. These products are less flammable and toxic than traditional products, but still quite capable of removing graffiti, resin, ink and rust.

For more information on where to find these and many other soy-based products, visit the Consumer Soy Products Guide and help your community be a little greener.

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