Animal Ag Gets Personal

As a farmer who both grows soybeans and raises chickens, USB farmer-leader Walter Godwin understands what animal agriculture means for the U.S. soy industry.

“Southern Georgia is really big in poultry, and we use a lot of the meal from soybeans we grow to feed the animals,” he said. “It’s really important for the checkoff to educate farmers about and promote the animal agriculture industry.”

Godwin’s farm, which has been family-owned for hundreds of years, continually evolves, adding acreage or a different crop each season. Beginning as a grain operation, the farm grew to include cattle and hogs, but then phased out livestock to focus on soybeans and wheat. In the 1990s, Godwin added cotton to his crop rotation.

Now, Godwin Farms Inc. encompasses 1,500 acres and produces soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat, peanuts, butterbeans, pecans and chickens.

“We really do a little bit of everything,” Godwin said. “It’s challenging but really rewarding.”

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