A Perfect Partner for Double-Crop Opportunities

A soy planter plants seeds in an open field.

Looking for ways to maximize your farm’s profit potential? Consider planting high oleic soybeans in a double-crop system. Here are just a few of the many advantages waiting for you.

Premium opportunity – Domestic demand for high oleic soybeans is growing rapidly and farmers can earn premiums ranging from $0.90 to $1.25 per bushel, depending on where you market your soybeans. 

Regional advantage – If you farm in areas where double-cropping is practical, you have an advantage over regions where only one planting is possible, particularly in Delmarva. 

Maximize profit potential/acre – Why not make your land work harder for you? A double-crop system provides a unique opportunity to enhance your profitability on a per acre basis. 

Wheat as a cover crop – Wheat offers a great opportunity to grow a cash crop that doubles as a cover crop. There are numerous soil health benefits to cover crops, and soybeans following wheat is a terrific option. 

Ideal follow-up crop to cereals – With cereal harvests typically done by late summer — depending on weather conditions — you still have ample time to raise a crop. 

No significant difference from planting full-season varieties – Agronomic practices don’t really change between a double-crop or a full-season planting system. Keep an eye on typical management variables — soil moisture, weed pressure, planting depths, row spacing — and you’re all set.

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