4 Ways Technology Can Lead to Profit on Your Farm

Big data can help farmers increase yields, decrease costs and ultimately increase their profits. Having the right tools to gather and make use of farm-generated data is a necessity for anyone interested in putting big data to work on their farm. Here is how some of these technologies can benefit farmers:


Sophisticated new planters have dual hybrid meters that allow farmers to rotate between two hybrids depending on soil conditions and hybrid characteristics – at any point in the field. This ability allows for opportunities to push yields higher with optimum seed placement.


Yield monitors calculate and record yield as grain crops are harvested. The GPS tracking technology in yield monitors creates detailed yield maps that allow farmers to zero in on problem areas to identify potential solutions.

Soil Test

Soil testing tells farmers how much fertilizer may be needed to enhance the performance of their crop. This information enables farmers to be more precise with fertilizer applications, which increases efficiency and reduces input costs – all while maintaining, or even increasing, profitability.


Unmanned aerial vehicles can provide farmers with highly-detailed maps of their farms. UAVs have cameras, sensors and autopilot capabilities to help farmers monitor plant growth, soil conditions, pests and topographic information in their fields.

By aggregating and analyzing their data, farmers can identify patterns and trends that reveal valuable insights. This information can be used to create prescriptive farm plans with pinpoint accuracy to maximize yield, farm efficiency and profitability.

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