Play Ball! Soy-Backed AstroTurf® Takes the Field at University of Michigan

It’s opening day in Major League Baseball, but it’s the field at the University of Michigan that recently got a big-league upgrade, thanks to an innovation delivered by America’s farmers. The field at Michigan’s Wilpon Baseball and Softball Complex contains AstroTurf. This isn’t just any playing surface, it’s a product made with BioCel™, a soy-based

Fuels Experience Similar Beginnings

The petroleum and biodiesel paths to success show parallels Biodiesel and petroleum diesel share many similarities. They can both be used in diesel engines without modification. They both fuel fleets and passenger vehicles throughout the country. They even heat homes. And, even though their beginnings were nearly a century apart – they both were given

Soy Paint Meets New LEED Standards

In an effort to grow demand for U.S. soybeans, the soy checkoff partnered with Sherwin-Williams to develop paints made from soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles. The paints won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Award for reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 60 percent, making them safer to use. Recently, the

This St. Patrick’s Day, choose a truly “green” beer

Many breweries turn to biodiesel in sustainability strategies Before you lift that green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, why not select one that comes from a “green” brewery? Many breweries throughout the U.S. and Canada have robust sustainability initiatives that include using biodiesel. One example is a company whose flagship Pale Ale brew even has a green

Goodyear On Track to Sell Soy Tires

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spots. Fortunately Goodyear is managing to stay on track with its plan to replace petroleum-based oil with soybean oil in tires – a process driven by soy-checkoff-supported technology. Two years ago, researchers at Goodyear’s Innovation Center in Akron, Ohio discovered that using soybean oil in

Checkoff-Funded Research Yields 38 New Products That Add Demand for Soy

Everyone knows the stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones. Innovation happens when people look at their surroundings in new ways. The checkoff helps manufacturers innovate with U.S. soy by supporting research and development of new products with the best chance of increasing demand for U.S. soy. Last year, checkoff partnerships with

U.S. Soybean Oil Market in Mexico Grows

A recent soy-checkoff-funded promotional campaign showed Mexican shoppers the benefits of cooking with U.S. soybean oil, leading to a 15 percent jump in sales. Mexico is a major international destination for U.S. soy. In the most recent marketing year, Mexican customers imported more whole U.S. soybeans and soybean oil than any other country except for

Pumping Research into Biodiesel

State biodiesel research aims to find new opportunities, increase soybean oil demand As biodiesel production grows, so do soybean farmers’ profits. Biodiesel helps drive demand for U.S. soybean oil, which is why many state soybean boards invest in biodiesel research to see what the future holds for the renewable fuel. Thanks in part to the

Bred to Perform, High Oleic Soybeans Provide Proven Genetics

High oleic soybeans have been in the product pipeline for more than a decade. With millions of dollars invested, seed companies took their time to ensure these varieties perform as expected – for farmers and for food industry customers. But, performance isn’t the only benefit farmers see. They also find that high oleic varieties are

High oleic offers opportunity, says early adopter

High oleic soybean varieties came to the Delmarva Peninsula and Pennsylvania first, along with select areas of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Now, farmers in these areas are helping set the stage for more U.S. soybean farmers by adopting this new technology and growing a product to meet customers’ needs – a promising new soybean oil