No Monopolies on Virtue

Mark Lynas receives a lot of hate mail. But the former anti-GMO activist, who recently announced he changed his views and now supports biotechnology, says he’s not inclined to give in to the bullies. We asked this science author and speaker – who is universally credited with starting the anti-GMO movement in Europe – what

Checkoff Leaders Seek to Improve Market Access for Biotech in China

U.S. soybean farmers depend on international biotechnology acceptance in order to keep markets open for U.S. soy. So when China, the U.S. soy industry’s largest international customer, is hesitant to approve new traits, the soy checkoff works to calm fears. United Soybean Board (USB) Past Chairman Jim Stillman and Secretary Lewis Bainbridge recently joined members

Farmer-Funded Innovations: Checkoff Breakthroughs Support On-Farm Profitability

Successful companies in the aviation, communications, computer and medical industries don’t stand still. They find solutions that will keep them a step ahead of the competition. That goes for farmers, too. Need to know more? Check out the most recent edition of Beyond the Bean for more checkoff-funded innovations. Click here Soybean farmers today see the

New Resource for GMO Facts

Have a question about GMOs? Or have you been asked a question about GMOs that you aren’t quite sure how to answer? A new website,, is here to help. Created by members of the Council for Biotechnology Information, the website breaks down the science behind GMOs. Visitors to the site will find a wide

Biotechnology Enables Sustainable Farming

The introduction and continued development of soybean varieties enhanced by biotechnology have helped make it easier for farmers to increase yields and manage weeds, pests and diseases. Biotech has also helped make soybean farming easier on the environment. This year, farmers planted 93 percent of U.S. soybean acreage with seed enhanced by biotechnology, according to

Argentine Farmer, Engineer Agree: Biotech an Important Tool for Agriculture

ASU journalism student Brittany Morris was one of over 3,000 people, mostly South American farmers, who attended an international conference on biotechnology and agriculture in Rosario, Argentina last week. Editor’s Note: Brittany Morris, winner of USB’s 2013 Biotech University reporting contest, attended an international conference on biotechnology and agriculture this summer in Rosario, Argentina. The