Biodiesel drives demand for U.S. soy oil. Biodiesel manufacturers in the U.S. rely on U.S. soybean oil as the primary feedstock for this renewable fuel. Biodiesel is the only domestically produced and commercially available fuel to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition of an advanced biofuel. It provides one of the best carbon-reduction strategies available with today’s vehicle technologies.

Making Biodiesel: How U.S. Soybeans Become America’s Advanced Biofuel

Ever wonder how soybeans grown by U.S. farmers become America’s advanced biofuel? This video shows the process U.S. soybeans undergo as they make their way from the farm to the processor to fuel tanks around the country, improving the economy, the environment and communities along the way.

Biodiesel’s Impact on Animal Ag

Biodiesel works for poultry and livestock farmers, soybean’s No. 1 customer, to lower meal prices and increase animal carcass value. Increased biodiesel production can make a big impact on animal farmers’ bottom lines.

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