Download our 2021 Annual Report to see our budget and financial statement of activities.

2021 Annual Report

Mississippi River Deepening Brings $461 Million to U.S. Soybean Farmers

Your soy checkoff invested $2 million to create a study to demonstrate the economic benefits of dredging the Lower Mississippi River. As a result, the U.S. government is investing millions to deepen the Lower Mississippi, which will help U.S. soybean farmers make $461 million more in revenue every year.


Goodyear Chief Engineer Shares Soy Story

Working with your soy checkoff, Goodyear found soybean oil increases tire flexibility at low temperatures, improving traction in rain and snow compared to petroleum-based tires. Goodyear now uses U.S. soybean oil in four lines of its premium tires, with the goal to be completely petroleum-free by 2040.


Record Exports Set the Pace for an Exciting Year

The U.S Soy industry achieved high export results across the board last year. U.S. Soy shipped nearly 75 million metric tons of total soybean complex, valued at more than $34 billion. A large part of this success is due to the soy checkoff investing in resources and education.


Soybean Meal Increases Weight Gain Efficiency in Growing Pigs

Your soy checkoff works across the value chain to ensure soybean meal meets the increasing nutritional demands for U.S. Soy’s number one customer, animal agriculture. This past year, U.S. Soy amplified recent results from a research study funded by the soy checkoff to swine nutritionists and influencers confirming the positive relationship between soybean meal and improved total weight gain and feed use efficiency in growing pigs.


Soy and Pork: Collaboration Across the Supply Chain

Your soy checkoff partnered with the pork checkoff and Coborn’s, an Upper Midwest grocery chain, to showcase U.S. Soy, pork and soybean farmers as part of a reputational and promotional management campaign. The initiative drove sales for soy-fed pork items, leading to an 8.7% sales increase month over month and an 11.7% increase year over year.