Almost every facet of our society is now facing daily challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As representatives of American agriculture, the leaders and staff of the United Soybean Board, through your soy checkoff, are committed to doing everything we can to provide a safe, high-quality product by continuing our work to support farm families and the soy supply chain.

Soybean separatorAs the virus affects many rural communities, it is impacting specific segments of agriculture beyond but related to soy, including livestock farmers and their supply chain partners. Times like these reinforce the strategic importance of USB’s broad partnerships across and within our industry. We know that today’s farmer seldom grows just one crop or raises one type of livestock. We’re all connected in our livelihood and are dedicated to addressing the challenges we face together to serve U.S. consumers.

USB’s staff is engaging our peer organizations in the poultry, pork and corn businesses, among others, to do what we can to overcome any disruption to the U.S. food system. All the while, USB is working even more closely with the U.S. Soybean Export Council, American Soybean Association and state soybean boards to protect and minimize the impacts to our farmers and the soybean supply chain.

In the soybean market specifically, our farmers who grow, tend and harvest soybeans are the first essential partners in this process. But they are only one link in a robust supply chain. We also rely on truckers, processors, crushers, merchandisers, retailers and exporters to fulfill our duty. These people continue to work hard to adapt during these difficult and changing times, and to them we are grateful.

USB is also working to keep our farmers, key stakeholders and the media informed. We are continuing our work to support domestic and international programs to create opportunities for U.S.-grown soybeans. Our staff continues to analyze market conditions, examine trends, stay connected with the industry, and build new relationships and programs to ensure soy is a critical driver in world nutrition during, and after, this crisis.

We will continuously monitor the situation and follow guidance for best practices and safe work protocols from the proper authorities. USB has always placed a premium on face-to-face relationships and has adopted technology that helps us stay connected to farmers and other value chain partners. As our farmer-leaders work to ensure the implementation of programs to drive demand, we are embracing virtual organizational communications technology like never before.

We are resolute in doing all we can to keep pulling things in the right direction as we carry out the work of the soy checkoff. The global priority is to contain this outbreak, and our thoughts are with everyone who has been personally affected by COVID-19. Our industry has been tested time and time again, and we are helping where we can and doing what we do best — providing a high-quality product for our customers and communities and collaborating with our partners to find the best solutions.

We are still farming. And our soy checkoff is still working for you.