Program Requirements

Brand or Trademark

The Soybean Promotion and Research Order in Section 1220.230(c) requires that no preference be given to any brand or trade name of any soybean product without the approval of USB and USDA. USB authorizes Qualified State Soybean Boards and primary contractors to conduct promotional campaigns with companies in the soybean industry as long as there is no intentional preference given to a branded or trade-named soybean product or company.



All communications activities should refer to the Soybean Checkoff Communications Standards Manual in order to guide soybean checkoff communications and avoid contradictions and confusion when communicating to farmers, consumers, allied industry and others. USB also follows a strategic communications philosophy, which should be reviewed and followed in all communications on behalf of USB. This includes all use of the checkoff logo and all communications media.


Intellectual Property

Please refer to the Intellectual Property policy within the policy document.


Principal Investigators

In research contracts with land grant universities, the salaries of principal investigators are not to be paid by USB.


Project Extensions

USB strongly recommends that projects be completed on schedule; however, in the event that they cannot be completed on schedule, then:

  • Requests for a project extension must be submitted to the appropriate USB Action Team or Support Committee Chair before the existing project completion date expires.
  • The project extension must be approved by USB and USDA-AMS before the extended date is effective.
  • If the date expires unextended, rectification will be done on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with USDA.


Project Funds

USB will NOT pay bills submitted by contractors on a project after a FROE has been received.


Sponsorship Policy

It is the policy of USB that all sponsorships meet the following criteria:

  • For sponsorship funding of an organization in an amount less than $5,000 annually, the sponsorship funding must be provided with the stipulation that it not be used to influence governmental action or violate the Soybean Promotion Research and Information Act or Order.
  • For sponsorship funding of an organization in an amount exceeding $5,000 annually, the sponsorship funding must:
    • Provide specific checkoff-related deliverables.
    • Provide specific performance measurements related to the payment.
    • Ensure that the total USB sponsorship shall not account for more than 50 percent of the overall event at which the sponsorship took place. A statement describing the event and the benefit to the checkoff program shall accompany all sponsorship requests.
    • USB dollars shall not be used in any manner to influence governmental action or policy by the sponsored organization.


Request for Proposal (RFP) for Board-Funded Projects

USB will seek the most qualified contractors to perform work that meets the goals laid out in the Board’s Long-Range Strategic Plan and Action Plan through a request for proposal (RFP) process. USB is committed to providing an open RFP process that facilitates public participation and competition. In the majority of cases, RFPs will be posted on USB’s web site and issued to all registered contractors whose profile meets the criteria of the RFP. RFPs will, on a limited basis, be sent to select organizations that are dealing with confidentiality or potential patent information. In very few instances, projects will not be part of the proposal solicitation process. The RFP responder will submit their proposal through the USB web site, and USB staff and primary contractor staff will review the proposals for accuracy, compliance, and applicability to the program’s or target area’s Action Plan. Proposals will be reviewed against USB’s Budget Handbook and by USB’s Budget Analyst under the policies of USB. These policies govern the rates USB will pay for services and products.

Proposals will be reviewed by USB for funding consideration.