Administrative Requirements

Capital Equipment

USB strongly discourages the funding of equipment in proposals. If unfunded capital equipment is essential to the proposal, a supplemental request must be submitted. Each request will then be considered on a project-by-project basis. For the purposes of definition with subcontractors, the term “capital equipment” shall refer to tangible property with a value of $2,000 or more and a useful life of more than one year.


Entertainment Expenses

No expenses of an entertainment nature will be reimbursed. USB will consider on a case-by-case basis reimbursement of out-of-the-ordinary personal expenses that would not have been incurred had the individual not been conducting USB business. For example, individuals stranded due to inclement weather may result in out-of-the ordinary personal expenses. A detailed explanation must be attached to the voucher. USB will not reimburse expenses for open bars at USB action team or support committee meetings.


Entertainment of Directors

Meals for Directors paid for by contractors are reimbursable if they are conducted over the course of doing business. However, discretion is urged. Please refer to USB’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Gifts from contractors to Directors are discouraged, and Directors are required to disclose gifts under the Conflict of Interest policy by their primary contractor.


Contractor/Subcontractor Reimbursement for Attendance at USB Meetings

USB is not obligated to reimburse primary contractor representatives’ time, direct expenses or third-party expenses to attend USB meetings unless approved by the USB COO in advance. Sub-contractors are approved and reimbursed by their primary contractors.


Contractor/Subcontractor Reimbursement to Directors

Organizations contracting or subcontracting with USB are not permitted to reimburse Directors for their time to participate in functions conducted under USB contract. Any USB Director’s participation must have prior approval by the appropriate Action Team or Support Committee Chair and Board Chairperson in the form of a Travel Request Form. The Action Team or Support Committee Chair has to submit his/her expenses directly to the USB Treasurer for reimbursement.


Record Retention

Please see Appendix B for USB’s Record Retention Policy.



Primary contractors may invoice USB twice monthly, unless approval for a different billing cycle has been obtained from USB, for all fees, direct costs and reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses. Contractors should use billing increments of 0.25/hour as the standard billing increment when billing USB for any service fees.


Confidentiality of Information

Without USB’s prior written consent, any highly confidential and detrimental materials, information or internal communication learned from or provided by USB should not be disclosed. Confidential information should only be used for the purposes authorized by an agreement.