USB Liaison

Directors may be asked to serve as organizational liaison representatives with other organizations. First and foremost, the Director’s responsibility lies with USB. Therefore, Directors should never compromise the term being served with USB. It is encouraged to attend other organization meetings relevant to the soybean industry as approved by the Chairperson, as long as there is no conflict with the Act and the Order, specifically lobbying.


This role will authorize the members to represent USB at the meetings of the other organization, but will not authorize the member to serve on the Board of Directors of the other organization as a representative of USB. A Director shall be required to recuse him/herself from participating in or voting on any matter involving potential conflicts of interest.


Meetings attended by Directors with objectives not consistent with the Act and the Order, intentionally or unintentionally, will not be reimbursed and expenses associated with the event, including travel, will be reviewed per instance by the Officers.