Acceptable Use of Computer Equipment

The Directors as well as staff and contractors in the USB executive offices are responsible for the physical security of data stored on their computers. During all hours, USB offices must be locked and secured if unattended.

Use and access to electronic resources provided by USB (i.e., computers, phones, servers, etc.) is a privilege that is dependent upon appropriate use by the end user. Users of USB’s electronic resources are responsible for using them in accordance with policy and applicable laws. Any user who employs USB-owned equipment to violate the law will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to, any activity in which the end user:


  • Violates copyright or license agreements.
  • Seeks to gain access to unauthorized resources.
  • Gives access to unauthorized users.
  • Accesses inappropriate materials.
  • Transmits or displays confidential, defamatory, obscene or sexually oriented media or messages, either publicly or privately.
  • Installs unauthorized software.
  • Uses access for illegal, vandalizing, inappropriate or harassing purposes.
  • Interferes with or disrupts network operations.
  • Uses network and computer resources for personal financial gain.
  • Uses network and computer resources for personal business.