Organic Soybean Exemption Request Process

In order to be considered for exemption from assessment under research and promotion programs, the producer must produce and market only 100% organic soybeans and submit to USB a properly completed exemption form, a current Certificate of Conformance, and a list of commodities.

The Process: USB receives all requests and submits the requests to the QSSB for concurrence. The QSSB is requested to reply to USB within 10 days of receiving the request. After 10 days has expired USB will continue to process the request. USB has 30 days to notify the producer whether or not the request has been approved.  The producer is encouraged to contact USB if no response is received within thirty days after submitting the request.

USB prepares a memo to the QSSB with the following information:

  • States the producer from which USB has received an exemption request form.
  • Confirms whether or not the producer has met all of the criteria for eligibility, including:
    • Completed Organic Exemption Request Form – OMB No. 0581-0093.
    • Current Certificate of Conformance from Certified Organic Inspector.
    • Certified Product List of individual products eligible to be listed as certified organic.
    • List of commodities on Soybean Organic Exemption Request Form coincides with Certified Product List of individual products eligible as 100% organic.
  • Requests QSSB concurrence with of the producer request. The QSSB is requested to sign, date and return the memo by email to USB within 10 calendar days.
    • If no response from the QSSB has been received within the 10 days, USB assumes QSSB concurrence with the request.

Certificate: QSSB response is attached to the producer request. A numbered certificate is issued by USB and mailed to the producer and copied to the QSSB executive to serve as the Certificate of Exemption for the year. The letter also will indicate that in order to receive exemption for the next year, an appropriate request must be resubmitted annually by January 1.

USB does not issue an Organic Certificate of Exemption to producers that do not meet all the criteria for eligibility.