Soy Insights

soy-insights-logoSoy Insights, formerly known as Soy2020, is a collaborative group of agriculture industry leaders who seek out perspectives to better understand the long-term direction of the U.S. soy industry. These perspectives help position the U.S. soybean industry as the global marketplace leader.

Soy Insights surveys industry experts to gain insights on global market dynamics that may impact the soybean industry long-term.

Providing analysis of this data, Soy Insights helps stakeholders better position the U.S. soybean industry and their individual organizations.

Soy Insights will realize its mission by:

  • Exploring global marketplace challenges and opportunities
  • Sharing information so partners can incorporate relevant strategies into their unique organizations


Soy Insights Leadership

The SoyInsights steering committee consists of industry representatives who have global perspectives, yet represent U.S. soybean interests. The steering committee reviews market indicators and trends, collaborates on industry matters and shapes the direction of the SoyInsights vision.

Steering Committee

Delbert Christensen
Soybean Farmer and United Soybean Board Director

Gordon Denny
General Manager, Gordon Denny, LLC

Bob Haselwood
Soybean Farmer and United Soybean Board Past Chair

Don Latham
Farmer and former United Soybean Board Director
Latham Farms

Ryan Law
U.S. Commercial and Origination Manager, Bunge

Dan Malan
Vice President, CoBank, ACB

Larry Marek
Soybean Farmer and United Soybean Board Director

John Motter
Soybean Farmer and United Soybean Board Vice Chair

Ron Ohlde
Soybean Farmer and United Soybean Board Director

Kevin Paap
President, Minnesota Farm Bureau

Jacob Parker
Soybean Farmer and United Soybean Board Director

Craig Ratajczyk
Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Soybean Association

Mark Sandeen
Vice President of Processing & Marketing, Soybean Processing
AGP Ag Processing, Inc.

Russ Sanders
Director, Food and Industry Markets, DuPont Pioneer

Steve Sonka
Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chuck Studer
Director of Agricultural Industry Relations, John Deere

Lawrence Sukalski
National Director, American Soybean Association

Mindy Whittle
Soybean Industry Affairs Lead, Monsanto


Contact Us

For more information about Soy Insights, please call 800-989-8721.