What Are High Oleic Soybeans?


High oleic soybeans will open up a world of innovation for you, your customers and the soybean industry. Rather than producing a one-size-fits-all commodity, this is your opportunity to grow a product that fills a specific need with a guaranteed customer base.

High oleic soybeans contain a trait that improves the functionality of the soy oil they produce. That improved functionality makes high oleic attractive to customers in the food industry and industrial markets. Every pod of high oleic soy is packed with innovation to help revolutionize the U.S. soy industry, expand your markets and make you more profitable.

Every pod is also packed with performance. High oleic varieties have been bred with proven genetics and with the same agronomic packages you’ve come to expect. Farmers growing high oleic soybeans now have seen them yield on par with their farm’s average, delivering innovation for your customers and performance in your fields.


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