Beyond the Bean


July 2014

U.S. soybeans are the “total package”- they are reliable, sustainable, high-quality and backed by exceptional customer service. Read this issue of Beyond the Bean to learn what’s being done to maintain the high value of U.S. soybeans to stay Number One in the world.

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March 2014

Checkoff Shoots for the Moon: Read about a major soy checkoff project to increase the national soybean yield average to 60 bu./A. in this issue of Beyond the Bean magazine.


February 2014

Find the right combination of solutions to free your fields of herbicide-resistant weeds in this issue of Beyond the Bean.

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December 2013

The soy checkoff pushes innovation by developing products and processes that benefit U.S soybean farmers. This means always looking ahead at what U.S. soybean farmers and their customers will need next.


October 2013

When many soybean farmers picture their customer, they conjure an image of the elevator where they deposit their crop. But, in reality, when a soybean gets dropped off at an elevator, its journey has just begun.


September 2013

Processors determine the cash price they pay farmers for their soybeans based on the value of the protein and oil inside those soybeans. Read more about how farmers are already being paid for higher-quality soybeans.

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