Biodiesel Benefits Animal Ag in Multiple Ways

Biodiesel production has significantly benefitted the soybean industry as a whole – but one of biodiesel’s most significant contributions is not often highlighted. Animal ag farmers benefit from biodiesel, too. That’s because soybean meal prices fall as more biodiesel is produced, requiring poultry and livestock farmers to pay less for their feed. This often overlooked

Biodiesel Mechanic-Training Course Helps Create Advocates

“I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know.” That was the response from one student who completed a recent mechanic’s training session on biodiesel. And it was exactly the response the Kentucky Soybean Board (KSB) was hoping for when it decided to sponsor the sessions. KSB offered the rigorous online course to diesel mechanics

California Fuelin’

A San Diego university uses biodiesel for its environmental benefits, but mechanic is a big believer in performance perks, too While sub-zero temperatures and thick layers of snow covered the soybean belt this winter, San Diego might have seemed a million miles away for U.S. soybean farmers. But the chief mechanic at a university in

Fuels Experience Similar Beginnings

The petroleum and biodiesel paths to success show parallels Biodiesel and petroleum diesel share many similarities. They can both be used in diesel engines without modification. They both fuel fleets and passenger vehicles throughout the country. They even heat homes. And, even though their beginnings were nearly a century apart – they both were given

This St. Patrick’s Day, choose a truly “green” beer

Many breweries turn to biodiesel in sustainability strategies Before you lift that green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, why not select one that comes from a “green” brewery? Many breweries throughout the U.S. and Canada have robust sustainability initiatives that include using biodiesel. One example is a company whose flagship Pale Ale brew even has a green

Biodiesel Says: What Polar Vortex?

Diesel engines and cold weather are not known to be close friends, but it’s a manageable relationship. This year’s cold snaps proved to be a particular challenge for diesel users across the country,   biodiesel users included. But, according to the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), biodiesel blends performed as well as diesel fuel throughout the country—thanks

Winter Weather is No Match for Biodiesel

New York winters are no joke, and they’re harshest on the trucks, equipment and workers that keep busy New Yorkers going when the weather tries to get them down. For Jim Reinish, manager of the Central Automotive division at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, managing a fleet of severe-weather-ready vehicles is

Our Money Valentine

Biodiesel’s big crush on soybeans means a higher price for U.S. soybean farmers What started as a little soybean crush has evolved into a full-blown love affair between the biodiesel industry and U.S. soybean oil. In fact, the total economic love the biodiesel industry showed to crush was worth $1.13 billion in 2013, according to