Revolutionizing U.S. Soy

High Oleic Oils in Bottles

Four billion pounds per year. That’s how much of the edible oil market the U.S. soy industry has lost since the onset of trans-fat labeling in 2006.

But now the soy industry is uniting behind high oleic soy oil, which contains no trans fats and less saturated fat than commodity soy oil.

To leverage high oleic to try to recapture lost market share, the United Soybean Board (USB) is launching a campaign to communicate the potential value of high oleic soybeans to U.S. soybean farmers and build demand for the oil.

USB will encourage farmers to adopt high oleic when it becomes available in their area.

USB Director John Motter grows high oleic varieties and hopes other soybean farmers will, too.

“Growing high oleic means meeting customer needs,” says Motter. “As soybean growers, we have to look beyond the elevator at what our end users really need from our products.”

To help food companies decide how high oleic could fit into their future, the checkoff is making high oleic soy oil available to companies and manufacturers so they can test the oil in their operations and product formulations.

“It’s important that we get the message out,” Motter said. “High oleic is good for everyone.”